Wednesday, October 26, 2011

- 12 -

So this is super late too but that seems to be the norm with me anymore!  Gage will soon be 13 months old which means no more monthly sticker pictures.. boo.

  • You weigh 19 lbs – which puts you in the 13th percentile for weight – and you are 31 inches long, which puts you in the 90th percentile (or somewhere around there) – Gavin and Gabby were always off the charts for both height and weight – you my dear are a skinny little peanut!
  • You absolutely hate bath time.. it’s total meltdown city..
  • Eating.. now there’s something you love!!  Veggies are probably one of your favorite things to eat along with yogurt drops and chicken nuggets.
  • Still no teeth.  Yes, I said it, ONE year old and ZERO teeth.
  • Your blond hair is so cute and curly!
  • Gavin and Gabby really know how to make you smile.
  • You say kitty and thank you – so so so so cute :)
  • You’re the fastest crawler I’ve ever seen.
  • Walking doesn’t seem to interest you all that much.. which is completely fine with your momma!
  • You love sharing a room with your big bro! I hear you two talking in the mornings :)
  • You’re such a snuggle bunny – on Sundays in the church nursery you won’t let the ladies put you down – all you want to do is snuggle!
  • Paci = bestest buddy!


I love you Gage David!


Kelly said...

Love this picture! He is getting so big! Way to go little man!

mom said...

WOW! You've really done a lot since I last checked the site....LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! They are awesome. Your kids are SO lucky...all the memories you're creating!!!