Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new rooms!

Besides the big birthdays lots has been going on =)  Miss Gabby is now in a big girl bed and Gage has moved into his big brother's room!  Gabby has been doing well in her bed (well, for her daddy anyway.. not so much for mommy) and she really seems to like her new room.  I do think she misses Gage because as soon as I open her gate in the morning she wants to run over to see her brothers.  I love the way her room came toghether.. there are still a few odds and ends I'd like to find but for now, I think it looks great!
These were cross stitch pieces my Grammie made for me.  I know the purple one she gave me on my birthday in 2000 and the smaller two hung in my room when I was little.  I think she did them in 1992.  It's SO special for me to have them hanging in Gabby's room now!!

I really like the boys' room too!  It's fun and sporty and is a nice size space for the 2 of them.  Gav really enjoys playing in his room now so we wanted to make sure he still has a spot for his trains.  Gage adjusted well to the new room.. actually, I didn't even really notice much change in him at all.  It's fun to hear him and Gav laughing and playing iwth each other when they wake up in the morning =)

I still need to add a beach post, a Tennessee post, a 5th birthday post and a ONE year old post... yikes!

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