Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gavin Arthur turns 5! [a whole hand!]

Gavin Arthur turned 5 years old on Sunday, October 2, 2011.  I can still remember the first few moments holding him right after he was born and singing Happy Birthday to him!  The past 5 years have totally flown by and I'm truthfully scared about how quickly the next 5 years will go.  My beautiful son is incredibly sweet, fun, sensitive, intelligent, polite, adventurous, kind and loving.  He loves preschool and is always coming home singing the sweetest bible songs.  His heart for the Lord is really growing which makes me one happy momma.  I pray Gavin continues to foster that love and grows to be a strong, responsible, loving man of God.

I tell you this every night when we say our prayers but I am SO thankful that the Lord chose me to be your mommy.  You are an amazing boy and I've loved watching you grow these past 5 years.  I hope you keep that sweet, sensitive side and always remember how much your mommy and daddy love you.  You're the BEST big brother a kid could have - Gage and Gabby are very very lucky!
(a big thank you to my husband for taking pictures so I could hang out on the floor with Gav while he opened his gifts - that was by far the highlight of my night - watching how excited he got about his gifts and how polite he was while opening them!)

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