Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ocean City, MD

So… this post is long over-due!  We took our annual beach vacation to Ocean City, MD July 9th through July 16th… that means I’m only 3 months late posting about it!  The day before left, my husband was told he was being let go of his position that he had held for the last 5 years.  The company is doing poorly financially so they had to make some cuts and sadly, his position was one of those cuts.  We’re still on the job hunt but are staying hopeful.

Back to the beach.. we had a blast!  It was Gage’s first trip to the ocean and I think he really enjoyed himself!  We ate way too much food, got way too much sun, spent way too much money but had a great time!

I took 946 pictures during our week there.  Obviously I won’t post them all here so I will try to pick some favorites from the trip!

(here you go Mom… I’m finally posting some beach pictures!!)

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