Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gage David’s Sock Monkey 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Gage’s birthday on Saturday, October 8th with several family members and friends!  The party was held at the community building in my mother-in-law’s development.  (seriously the best party spot ever, thanks Lil!)

My sweet baby Gage was sporting his special 1st birthday shirt I ordered from Mimi's Babies – such a great shop!  (I’m thinking about putting the shirt in a shadow box and hanging it somewhere because I love it so much..)

GAGE-10-8-11 467 GAGE-10-8-11 446

I really enjoyed planning the party and decorating.. the space really is very fitting for parties, such a nice layout.  I ordered most of the decorations and Gage’s invitations through Stylish Celebrations and they were all awesome!! (I made most of the decorations for Gabby’s party but there was just no way I had the time to do them all myself for Gage’s party)  The stickers and return address labels I used were from Chickabug – another fantastic shop!

GAGE-10-8-11 001 GAGE-10-8-11 002 GAGE-10-8-11 003 GAGE-10-8-11 004 GAGE-10-8-11 005 GAGE-10-8-11 006 GAGE-10-8-11 007 GAGE-10-8-11 008 GAGE-10-8-11 009 GAGE-10-8-11 014 GAGE-10-8-11 097 GAGE-10-8-11 098 GAGE-10-8-11 099 GAGE-10-8-11 393 GAGE-10-8-11 394

We did a candy bar for guests to take as favors; people seemed to really enjoy that!  I loved the fun Chinese take-out style boxes people got to put their candy in!  I made fun cards for people to write Gage a message.. we will keep them safe in his vintage sock monkey box so he can read them when he’s older!  We also had silly party hats and fun monkey puppets for kids to make.   

Gage was such a good boy through the entire party despite it being prime nap time.  He loved his cake, even though it did take him a couple of minutes to really figure it out.  He wasn’t all that interested in opening gifts but is definitely having a blast now playing with all of his new toys! GAGE-10-8-11 027 GAGE-10-8-11 028 GAGE-10-8-11 094 GAGE-10-8-11 095 GAGE-10-8-11 112 GAGE-10-8-11 129 GAGE-10-8-11 154  148 GAGE-10-8-11 198 GAGE-10-8-11 204 GAGE-10-8-11 232 179 181 GAGE-10-8-11 323  GAGE-10-8-11 351 GAGE-10-8-11 354 

THANK YOU so so so much to everyone that helped us celebrate Gage’s first year.  We are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.  It warms my heart to see how much all of you love these children! (and yes, I’m crying) GAGE-10-8-11 040 GAGE-10-8-11 043 GAGE-10-8-11 058 GAGE-10-8-11 073 GAGE-10-8-11 087 GAGE-10-8-11 250 GAGE-10-8-11 311 GAGE-10-8-11 395 GAGE-10-8-11 423 GAGE-10-8-11 494

Before we ate I said a quick prayer – part of that prayer was this - Father God – please camp your angels around Gage always.  May he live a life that is pleasing to You and may he always know how much he is loved.

I do pray that Gage grows up to be a strong, sensitive, sweet man of God.  He’s been such an amazing blessing to our family – I truly cannot imagine my life without my sweet little peanut butter.  It’s hard to believe one year has already passed.. it seems like just yesterday Gage was just a major surprise second line on a silly white stick.

I praise God every single day for my beautiful children :)

GAGE-10-8-11 015 GAGE-10-8-11 022 GAGE-10-8-11 035 GAGE-10-8-11 069 GAGE-10-8-11 310 GAGE-10-8-11 329 GAGE-10-8-11 439 GAGE-10-8-11 456 GAGE-10-8-11 458 GAGE-10-8-11 476 GAGE-10-8-11 479


mom said...

You never cease to amaze me with the gorgeous pics.....but, of course, they are gorgeous children!!

These are wonderful....and the party was great fun! Just one problem...we still have sweedish fish!!! (Wish it was chicken dip!)

Now we need to celebrate Happy ToothDay!!

Mimi said...

How sweet! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!!

Heather - Chickabug said...

What a sweet party - thank you for sharing it with me, Kiley! : ) Happy birthday to Gage!