Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Grammie!

Dear Grammie,

Happy Birthday!! 

I know it’s a special birthday for you – it’s your first birthday you get to celebrate in Heaven with Jesus and of course, with your hubby and family in Heaven as well!  This day is hard for me Grammie, although I know you already knew that.  I wish so badly I could wake up, get your card filled out, wrap your gift, pack my kids up in the van and make that hour drive to visit you.  We’d just sit and talk, take pictures, try to eat and enjoy some fun laughs.  I’m sure I’d play with your hair and give you tons of kisses.  Maybe I’d bring some special friends and family along that never had the chance to meet you.. I know they’d adore you.  I’ve been able to visit with you the past few years on your birthday and will definitely miss seeing your beautiful smile this year.  I know I haven’t dealt real well with your passing; it’s been so much harder than I ever anticipated.  I praise God every single day for you and for all that you taught me about life and about being a good person.  Thankfully, my memories of you will never fade.. they will live on in my heart and in yours.  I continue to try and fulfill that promise I made to you.. to be the shining light of your beautiful spirit.. to show people the love and grace, concern and friendship that you showed everyone.  I pray this birthday is the best one yet!  I know my day will come.. when I get to run into the arms of Jesus, just as you did.  I know you’ll be waiting there for me and I cannot wait to give you the biggest hug and sloppiest ‘soap opera’ kiss ever =) 

Happy Birthday Grammie, I LOVE YOU!

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Betty Louise Cundiff – June 21, 1923 – January 9, 2011

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mom said...

Weezie---what a beautiful tribute. Both your words and the beautiful pictures, each with their own special story. I was holding it together until I opened this page, but today IS a day for remembering, honoring....a day for joyous memories, and tears of sadness. It's a day for us to share and we'll take a few hours from our hectic schedules and be together...our tears will flow as will the love she so freely and gently gave us.

I am reminded of a quote I have kept close since trying to come to grips with Alzheimers.....
"Today I am grateful for all those things that go missing because their absence reminds me of how blessed I am to have had them at all." Kate Novak

Love you bestersupermosterous....