Tuesday, July 5, 2011

truth #14 {serious} & #15 {silly}

truth #14: I have post-partum depression. 

Is it easy for me to share that, no way, but is it important that I do, absolutely!  I’ve been struggling with this, truthfully, for well over a year.. I really think it began shortly after I had Gabby and I’ve allowed it to go untreated for way too long.  I don’t share this so people will feel bad for me or give me ‘pity’ – but I do share this so other people can see that postpartum depression is real and is a very serious mental health disease that, if gone untreated, can be detrimental.  I finally took my butt to the doctor and I am beginning medication tomorrow – and obviously I know that won’t be the ‘cure-all’ but I am hopeful that it will help a lot!  Prayers/thoughts for me and my family would be appreciated =)  I realize some (my mom included) may think it’s crazy for me to share such a personal battle on such a public blog – but I think me acknowledging this here is just part of my journey towards wholeness.

truth #15: I want to be a florist!

More specifically, I’ve decided that when I leave my job as a pregnancy counselor, I’d like to deliver flowers to people!  I have a highly emotional and stressful job – last week being the worst week ever in the history of my 4 years at Bethany.  My coworker (HI CHRISTINA!) and I were talking last week in the midst of all my work ‘drama’ and she mentioned that she’d like to deliver flowers for a living.. genius!!  I’ve always racked my brain trying to think of something I could do that would still bring joy to people’s lives but that would be fairly stress free; this is the perfect solution!  Now, I do realize having to bring flowers when someone has died would be emotional but you’re still bringing them something to remind them that someone is thinking about them and sending their sympathy.  So, it’s nice for me to know I have a plan B =)

No post is complete without a few shots of my crazy rascals!! DSC_0658 (2) DSC_0554 DSC_0571 (2)

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.” – James 4:10


Righteous Runner said...


Thank you for sharing your struggle. I think that it's very brave to open up on your blog about a personal struggle. I bet you will receive a lot of support and encouragement from the blogging community. Use your little slice of the interwebs to help and educate other mommies about PPD and to find support and advice.

mom said...

You're a rascal! This is one time I am in total agreement with sharing something so personal. Along this journey I think you'll find many others opening up with similar struggles---who, like you, have either not recognized PPD or feel it's "something wrong". On the contrary, it's a very normal happening but it can be devastating if not addressed. But, I'm also glad you don't see the meds as a cure-all. This will take work on your part on many levels---something we all know you're not afraid of!
I'm proud of you, WeezieBug, for standing up to this and I hope you know you ALWAYS have my support. I'm sure I had PPD but way back then it wasn't talked about...I probably still do have it!!! BUT, I think they should re-name it...SRSD....Sometimes Reality Sucks Disease!
Love you biggermosterous....

Christina said...


First, I agree with the other comments. I've always appreciated your openness and honesty with various life struggles. Medication is nothing to be ashamed of and there are plenty of people who are on or have been on meds at one point. It takes a stronger person to see an issue and create a plan to overcome it.

Second, go flower-deliverers! It could be C & K Flowers. The only problem is that I have the opposite of a green thumb, so I could not arrange or grow the flowers, just deliver and pray for those that receive them. I bet Amy could grow them and Lindsay could arrange them!

Have fun at the beach! Christina

mom said...

forgot to say....WONDERFUL pics!!!ch