Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Retirement Mom!

I am SO proud of my mother!  After 12 years of working as a speech and language therapist in several elementary schools for one district and for years before that working as the director of a day care/preschool center, she has decided to retire!!! =) 

Mom – You are one very special woman!  You have touched SO many lives through the work that you do and I know those students and staff members are going to miss you like crazy!  You were the teacher that saw potential in every student you worked with.  You were the teacher that focused on the positives, not on the negatives.  You were the teacher that saw each student as a young little soul who needed your guidance – not as a young little brat who didn’t want to listen or learn.  You were the teacher that had the fun games, the cool prizes, the creative learning strategies and the awesome ideas that all the other teachers stole =)  As you pack up your office and say your ‘goodbyes’ try to remember the impact you had in the schools where you worked.  Try to remember those special moments.. those breakthroughs with the tougher students.. those powerful and exciting times when students began realizing their potential through your work with them.. (like when that little girl finally spoke at school, in front of her class!)  I know that you will miss your job but I pray this new journey brings even more happiness and joy into your life… you definitely deserve it after all your years of hard work!

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You have always been my biggest cheerleader and I LOVED being able to cheer you on as you celebrated your retirement with coworkers and friends.  I am blessed to have you as my mother and appreciate all that you do for our family!


*Okay, so I had some information a little mixed up.. My mom worked in public education for 16 1/2 years and in preschool/private education for 11 years.. all while being one incredible mom!!! SEE – SHE IS AWESOME =)


mom said...

Thank you, Kiley. You shouldn't have taken the time to put all this together...but thank youfor all your kind words! You made me cry...especially when I see the old lady in the pictures. That's sure NOT how I feel!

You're a sweetheart....and it was actually 16.5 years in public schools and 11 in pre school/private ed. I don't know where the years have gone!

I pray you and your friends enjoy your youth because you turn around a few times and it's gone!

love you superbestermost!

Righteous Runner said...

Yay for Mrs. Schroder! I remember many summer (or weekend) days spent at Little People in Malvern playing in the classrooms and on the playground out back. I used to feel special or like a secret agent for being there when no one else was. :-)
As a teacher and a mom, you're impacts on the lives of others is huge! As my mom said at her retirement dinner, the world is better because you're in it and you do what you do! Enjoy the retirement, enjoy the celebration of your life's work. Don't be humble, be proud. Brag! Shine!

mom said...

Sorry, Bug...I didn't mean to contradict you! Just meant it as added info for you----wasn't asking for a correction!!! Who is Runner? Has to be Lindsey or Colleen....I'm thinking Lindsey.???

Now the fun part---packing, sorting, packing, sorting....THEN trying to find a place for everything at home...HAHAHA!

Love you mucho....