Thursday, June 2, 2011

G – cubed!

Gavin – He’s definitely learning how to test the waters with things.. he likes to push a little with mommy to see how much he can get away with.. sadly I probably let him get away with a little too much.  He’s a smart little man but is also very sensitive.  He’ll talk to anyone.. I mean anyone whenever given the chance.  He invites every single person he talks to over to his house.  I’m afraid one day I’m going to come home to every clerk, waitress or mailman in the county at my house =)  Gav starts preschool in the fall and he seems to be excited.  I’m not looking forward to paying for the preschool but I know it’s very important for him, socially and cognitively.  He’s super excited about our trip to the beach in July; I hope he can have some big kid fun!

Gabby – oh my goodness this girl – she is a trip!!  She is so independent and stubborn.  She is a doll but is a fierce little miss when she wants to be.  Gabby loves playing with her brothers.  She and Gav usually play pretty well together.  Lately she has become very jealous of Gage but we’re trying to work through that.  She is learning silly new words each day is is finally starting to say mama again =)  Whenever I’d ask her to say mama she’d shake her head no.  I am so so so happy that the Lord blessed me with a daughter.  I get scared when I think about the ‘girl’ stuff that lies ahead but when we get there we’ll face it together.  She has the prettiest eyes and the cutest curls =)

Gage – hard to believe he is almost 8 months old.  Part of me feels like I just took that pregnancy test 8 minutes ago.  I won’t share too much abotu Gage because I’ll be doing that soon in his 8 month post.  He’s very close to crawling and ‘talks’ all the time!  His dimples are to die for =)

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