Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I bought Gabby some new bows for her hair and they are the cutest things I have ever seen :)  [well, not really the cutest, but you know what I mean!]  I was browsing etsy one night and typed cherry crochet into the search box.  I came across a bow on Emmy's Closet and I was hooked.  I managed to keep my order to a minimum and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.  I love all the bows I ordered; there’s just one problem.. Gabby won’t keep them in her hair :(  Every.single.stinkin.time – as soon I put the bow in she’s pulling it right.back.out!  GRRRR!! Oh well, hopefully she will learn to leave them alone.   004

005 006 007 008

see.. there’s proof.  As soon as I put the bow in and tried to snap a photo she’s got that cute, chubby hand sneaking up to rip it out.  (my photos really don’t do these bows justice – you should just check out her Etsy site!)

I’d also like to mention – the cute pink cherry bow on the left was not part of my order.  The seller, Sara, asked how I found out about her shop and I shared that I searched cherry crochet on the general etsy search and it brought up her cherry crochet bow (the one on the right).  I explained that my Grammie was from Traverse City, Michigan (cherry capital of the world!) and because of this cherry items have always been very special in our family.  I shared that my Grammie passed away in January from Alzheimer’s Disease and I am making sure I continue the cherry collection for Gabby.  So, she sent me that pink cherry bow for free – to add to my daughter’s cherry collection!  How unbelievably sweet is that.  You should have seen my face when I opened the package.. big giant cheeser smile :) :)

Love & blessings!

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emmy's closet said...

Hi Kiley!

Thanks so much again, for posting about my bows! Your kids are so adorable!!

:) Sara