Saturday, April 9, 2011

1/2 a year old!!

Happy Half Birthday Gage David!!! :)

Unbelievable.. that’s all there is to say.  I cannot believe my handsome little man is already 6 months old.  I know people say this all the time but I really feel like it was just yesterday that I looked like this.. 026

And my sweet baby Gage has gone from this at 6 weeks 6 days.. gum_drop

to this at 15 weeks 3 days.. April_2010_572

to this [absolutely adorable-ness] at just a few hours old.. 053

to this [absolutely over-the-top adorable-ness] at 6 MONTHS..

DSC_0856   DSC_0859         DSC_0868 DSC_0869 DSC_0896

  • based on Mommy’s measurements you weigh about 18 pounds and are about 28 inches long!!
  • You started eating solids on March 22nd and have been doing really well with them  - you don’t care for green beans but are really diggin’ the fruits
  • You are now in size 3 diapers!
  • Thankfully you like rice cereal, unlike your big sis who hated it!
  • swing = favorite nap spot – sometimes I wonder if you’ll still be napping there when you’re 7 :)
  • You wear size 6-9 month clothing now!
  • You have lovely brown eyes and very light, almost blond hair!
  • You’re showing a much higher interest in toys and rattles
  • Gavin loves to sign to you and play with you and you just love every minute of it. 
  • Gabby also loves to play with you and give you ‘moochies’ – but sometimes she can get a little rough or she decides it would be fun to sit on you and hug you – I know one day you’ll pay her back :)
  • Mommy thinks you have the loveliest laugh – it’s just so fun and pure – it’s perfect :)
  • Bath time is pretty mellow with you – you don’t get too excited about it but you definitely don’t hate it.  It almost seems like you just want to sit and relax in the tub and take a little break, no need to get all excited.
  • You’re drinking about 5 bottles a day – each with 8 oz of formula
  • Pacifiers = love!
  • You also love sucking on your hands and feet :)

It is so funny to think that two years ago I had just discovered I was pregnant with Gabby after almost a year of trying.. now here I am writing about Gabby’s little brother’s 1/2 year birthday.  I am beyond grateful and cannot imagine my life any other way.  It’s incredible the plans our God has for us – amazing, crazy, awesome, messy yet beautiful plans :)

Love & blessings!

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Kelly said...

He is one adorable little man! Love the pictures. Man...time does fly!