Thursday, March 31, 2011


truth #8 – Sometimes I feel like I am a lousy parent.  Today was proof.  My son Gavin has cavities.. multiple cavities.  His super close teeth mixed with my lack of diligence in regards to brushing and flossing has now landed us in the hands of a pediatric dentist.  He had one cavity filled today with our regular dentist who, immediately after looking at his x-rays, pulled me into the other room.  He didn’t give me the “taking to” I was expecting, instead he was very nice and promised that he has seen much worse in the mouths of much smaller children.  He would definitely suggest getting the work done with a pediatric dentist who will likely do each of the cavities in one sitting.  (likely with nitrous oxide which scares the bejeebees out of me)

While having the one cavity filled this morning Gavin did amazing.  Although I felt like a giant, big, fat, yucky, bummer of a momma, I sure was proud of how well he handled everything.  He didn’t flinch, whimper, whine, cry, pout, nothing.. he just sat in that chair like a big strong boy and was awesome :)

I held it together and surprisingly didn’t cry at all.  Yea right!

Although this whole situation makes me feel this big and it’s all very embarrassing, I really just feel bad for Gavin.  He is now the one who has to deal with getting this work done.  I just pray he doesn’t develop this fear of dentists since he has done so well with them up to this point.  The pediatric dentist we are taking him to looks pretty freakin’ cool so hopefully he’ll just associate dentists with fun toys and treasure chests full of neat prizes.

don’t forget to brush & floss every morning & every night – no exceptions!


Lindsay said...

Don't feel like a bad Mommy!!!! Mommy's are not perfect. They have pediatric Dentists for a reason - kids get cavities! I know that this won't make you feel a whole lot better but I'm going to try and find a YouTube video to send you about a funny pediatric Dentist experience as video taped by the child's father.

Lindsay said...

mom said...

Oh, you bad, bad, mommy!! This is worse than neglect, abuse, starvation, lack of bonding, duct taping him in a chair & Gage in a crib, teaching him to help you steal at the store, and NOT teaching him to blow bubbles!!!

Come on, Kiley----put things in perspective. You're a busy mom, and you'll learn from this and change your habits with him a bit. He's gonna be just fine! And, I don't know why nitrous oxide scares you----IT'S GREAT!!!!
As a matter of fact, I asked the dentist not long ago if I could borrow a canister for parent conferences!

Really, WeezieBug....not to worry on this one. When he gets older, if you fail to teach him about condoms, THEN we'll holler at you!!!

Love you superbestermost!