Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gabrielle is 8 months old!

Holy crap.. how is that even possible.  Oh my little sweet potato is such a doll, we just love her like crazy!  She is such a fun little lady and is really starting to do a lot of fun things.  I’m so excited to come home after work to see her beautiful smile! I wish there was a way to prepare her for Gum Drop’s arrival – she’s just way too young to have any clue at all.

  • You’ve mastered the ‘army’ crawl and really aren’t too far away from the full-blown crawl!
  • You’re a great sitter =)
  • Bath time is super super fun for you!
  • You are still in your infant car seat but I think we may make the big switcheroo sometime soon – after all, your baby brother is going to need that seat in a couple months!
  • You are still wearing size 6-9 month clothes
  • Size 3 diapers – we use Target brand now and they really aren’t that bad!
  • You’re an awesome eater – 3 ‘meals’ a day – usually fruit for breakfast, veggie and fruit for lunch and meat and veggie for dinner - plus 3-5 bottles a day
  • Momma tried to give you puffs but all you wanted to do was smash them in your hands
  • Playing with your spoon is a favorite activity!
  • You have really started to interact with Big Brother – you laugh at one another all of the time and you have your own way of calling for him when you can’t find him
  • You absolutely love music!
  • You seem more interested in Big Brother’s toys than your own
  • You have 2 adorable teeth on the bottom
  • Separation anxiety has kicked in full gear – not fun!
  • You have the cutest little giggle.. you love it when we tickle you!
  • I your nose and your beautiful blue eyes.. I never imagined I’d have a blue eyed child but my oh my they sure are gorgeous!

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I took 56 photos this evening and they are all crappy.. they are all shots of the top of her head or of her holding her sign in front of her face.. bummer.  Maybe I will try again tomorrow.  I’m so glad I got those onesie stickers for Gum Drop, no more silly signs.


Meant to be a mom said...

Yay happy 8 months! Can you believe it!!!

She is a doll in these pics as usual.

I was just trying to catch up before we leave tomorrow and I saw your last post. Wow, I can't hardly even believe your 29 weeks. That's insane. Its passing so fast (well for me as a reader :)
I'm glad your all doing well. The kids are adorable as always :)

Marissa said...

wow, found your blog and see that you're expecting your third child?! I have two boys and our youngest is 15 months and I felt the desire to have another, but am totally afraid! Not sure of what though??! You have a beautiful family :)