Sunday, August 1, 2010


My mom bought Gav his first 'big boy' bike yesterday and he is lovin' it!!  (which is a total shock b/c he was completely against Steven and I buying him a bike for the past few months..)  We rode around for a while yesterday and he did awesome =)  I'll post some photos later.  A big thank you to Grammie, Shayna and Lucas for successfully pulling off the 'get Gavin to ride a bike plan!'  And another big thank you to my Aunt Connie who treated all of us to Gap Diner yesterday - finally my craving was fulfilled!! 

hjiowo,z,z;aopqooqopa'a''''akl;sdopwfjwef  ---> Gavin says THANK YOU for my cool bike and bell Grammie!!

And - we definitely have two teeth now - Gabby's bottom 2 teeth have broken through and made their debut!  I will try my best to get a photo of them to post.

Oh yea, you know your belly is rapidly expanding when you have to use a hair-tie on maternity pants to keep them buttoned.. lovely.  What happens when maternity pants don't even fit your preggo tummy??!

Happy Sunday!

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