Friday, April 9, 2010

a little behind.

It's been a few days since my last post.. sorry!  Things are very busy around here and I've been exhausted so my normal night-blog time has turned into bed no-blog time.  The kiddos are great - Gavin is quite the silly boy.  Tonight we went to Carter's and he decided to moon everyone there.  SO funny but SO not funny at the same time - I made sure to discipline him but inside I was cracking up!  His new favorite thing is to watch Sesame.Street at night.  He has actually memorized parts of the show and the promotional ads before and after the show.. is that bad?!  Gav is still a great big brother - he loves helping with Gabby and plays with her often but he also really enjoys playing on his own with his big boy toys.  He's a great kid, I hope he stays that way =)

Gabby is also doing very well!!  She is growing so fast.  She discovered her feet today and spent about 20 minutes laying on the floor holding on to her feet - so cute!  I'm hoping to try cereal with her tomorrow night.  She had been sleeping through the night but in the past couple of weeks she has started to get up around 3 - 4 a.m. wanting a bottle, so I am hoping giving her some cereal in the evening will help her to skip that early am feeding! [selfish momma, I know!]  She is such a doll - so easy going and laid back - we really lucked out with 2 amazing kiddos!

We did some crib and double stroller shopping the other day.  I really hate the thought of a double stroller - they are just so big and bulky - I have a hard enough time folding and packing up our single stroller - but I know a double stroller is necessary.  I'm also not thrilled about having to dish out money for another crib but we obvioulsy will need one of those too =)  We found a couple that we like so now I need to do more research on them to see what the 'mom' scoop is.

Okay, I'm really behind on photos so here ya go.. and if anyone would like to give me some camera pointers I am all ears.  I don't have much time to fool around with my settings and I have horrible shadows all the time - help!!

Gavin - Gabby - Gum Drop
Gav's *purple* egg!
Gav with the Easter bunny aka Uncle Chris =)
Gav making a cookie with Aunt Christy!
the Easter bunny came! {he should have brought bigger pj's for Gav!}
love my little lady's face!
Gav is on an Easter egg hunt mission!
Gabby & Rylee - they will be great friends!
or is he trying to eat her?!
such a goof ball =)
trying so hard to roll over!
pre-Easter bunny photos - see the shadows?
Gabrielle's first pair of shoes!
waiting for the bunny at the mall.
daddy & his biker kids!
this was on my small point & shoot camera - it's probably a month or so old.
lunch @ Phillip's in Baltimore for our 4th wedding anniversary =)
she is asleep - she napped like this for about 10 minutes on Wednesday
how do I get rid of these shadows???
Gav playing on my 'puter' with chocolate pudding all over his face!
Gabby found her feet!!!
So cute and so big =)

Now it's time for bed - I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Meant to be a mom said...

awe I love all the pictures of the kids. They are soooo cute!
Your son sounds like such a fun kid. He will have a great sense of humor always I'm sure.

Thanks for showing all the pics.