Wednesday, April 21, 2010

baby wish list.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about baby stuff - there are some things we will definitely need to get for baby Gum Drop and there are other items we don't need but would love to have for him/her.  Actually some of the items below I've been thinking about for Gabby and could pass on to Gum Drop.  If you have any of these items and can give me some feedback that would be great.

Here's my baby wish list:
 a crib = need
boy bedding (haven't discussed with hubbs!)
girl bedding (also haven't discussed with hubbs!)
bedding = need
new pack-n-play (different pattern) = a really really BIG want
the higher changing table would be lovely - and our pack-n-play from 2006 no longer vibrates or plays music
double stroller = NEED!
We like this one (in a different pattern) - it's the only one in the stores that I even remotely like - I'm too chicken to order one on line without testing it out first.
swing = a really BIG want!
I wanted to get a new one for Gabby but couldn't afford it - we have one from 06 when Gav was a baby but it's very boring [and not nearly this cute!]
jumperoo = a really BIG want!
Gav had a car stationary entertainer that wasn't that entertaining - this jumperoo looks like a big jumper ball of fun!  (I'd love to get this for Gabby!)
play mat = a BIG want!
The one we had for Gav wasn't stored properly and is no longer usable - so we've been talking about getting one for Gabby, but man they are pricey!

I am so ready for my prenatal visit on Friday - I can't wait to hear Gum Drop's heartbeat!! =)

*most of these photos are from random sites found through google.. if it really matters*


Lindsay said...

I had that double stroller and liked it while the kids were little. It was great while Evan was in a baby carrier and Grace sat in the front. I loved that it had cup and snack holders for both seats. Here are the negatives that I found:

When the kids got bigger it got very heavy and difficult to push with a larger person in the front. It also became difficult to jump up on curbs. The sun shade for the front seat didn't really do much of anything for sun protection. You cannot recline the front seat at all if you have an infant carrier in the back.

Kelly said...

I have that double stroller and would recommend it to EVERYONE! We love it and it is our 2nd double stroller.
I also have that swing, in a different color. It is great and I love it too. Makenzie loves to swing!
I also have that play-mat and it is awesome! All my kids love laying under it and sitting at it, when they get big enough.
Great items! We have an old pack n' play too, but got a new one from a friend who is done having kids and the changing pad is great!!

Ashleigh said...

Love that crib! It's beautiful! As for the bedding, I don't think I'm a huge help. With this baby, I'm not going all out with bedding. We bought a new pottery barn bedding set for Ryan's nursery and only used the sheets and the crib skirt. I took the bumper pad off after he started rolling over and replaced it with a breathable bumper pad. I never used the quilt. So this time, I'm using the breathable bumper and just getting new sheets and a new crib skirt that match the room decor. I don't want to waste the money.
We are going to get a new swing too. The one I had for Ryan I hated so I sold it on craigslist and decided I'd get a new one when the time comes. Actually, it probably won't be brand new. I'll probably get a nice used on on craigslist. We have a stationary entertainer that Ryan liked, but didn't love. We also had a doorway jumper that he loved. So I think we are also going to get a jumperoo for this little guy. And that baby gym is AWESOME! We have it and Ryan LOVED it. Pricey yes, but soooooooo worth it to have!