Friday, April 23, 2010

DR visit recap!

The prenatal visit went very well today!!  We got to meet with Barb, who was the midwife that delivered Gabby - I really like her, and I think Steven does too.  [Yes, hubbs goes to my prenatal visits too, he's only missed 2 appointments with all 3 kiddos!] 

Urine: no trace of protein or glucose (sweet!)
Blood pressure: 114/72 (normal!)
Weight: down 1/2 pound (the midwife wasn't at all concerned that I had lost a half a pound)
Heartbeat: Gum Drop's heartbeat was about 152 bpm!!!  (It was music to my ears!!!!)
Questions: I told Barb about all the pain I've been having on my left side, likely from the cyst, and she suggested I get an ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay.  I also asked her about my hair loss - I don't know that I've posted much about this but I am loosing my hair like crazy!!  I figured it was just from having Gabby but thought it would have subsided some by now - nope - it's still falling out. (and I actually have some bald spots in my head.. not cool.. not cool at all.)  She ordered some extra blood work to check things out.
Next appointment: I go on Tuesday, April 27th for an ultrasound to check on my cyst; I have to go for blood work the week after next; and our BIG anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, May 28th!!!!!  We will have our next prenatal visit after the ultrasound on the 28th.


Kelly said...

My hair is falling out like crazy too. I mean a full brush every other day. I have thick hair, so I can afford to loose some...but my hair is everywhere. It is getting gross!
I never lost this much with either of my other two.

Ashleigh said...

With Ryan my hair fell out in clumps like that. I had to clean out the shower drain daily. It was horrible. It ended up being post-partum thyroiditis. I'm sure the blood work will show what the issue is. I hope all ends up well!

Ashleigh said...

I should have mentioned that it was *after* Ryan was born that my hair fell out. Sorry, it's early! :)