Wednesday, August 12, 2009


2 posts in one day - go me =) Instead of editing my last post I just figured I would put all these photos into one. Here are my 22 week belly photos and photos of almost all of the baby stuff we have purchased so far. There are a couple of things in Gav's closet but he's sleeping right now and I didn't want to wake him.

I can't believe I'm posting this - here is the nursery in it's current state =) Yea, we've got a long way to go!!

I bought this on April 24th - I could not resist the cherries and I really felt deep down that Gummy Bear was a girl - I LOVE this outfit!!

This shirt was $3.99 - how could I resist!!

Adorable - one of my favorites!!

$3.99 at Carters - and I am a big fan of pink and brown!

These onsies sets were only $6.00 a piece at Boscov's - I bought these before we knew the gender too - I just couldn't resist the cuteness or the price!!

We bought these blankets yesterday - both on clearance!!

Steven spotted these bibs =)

How could I pass this sweater up for $5.39 - I still can't believe I'm buying pink!!

$2.39 - seriously!! I hope it will fit her in the spring/summer - it's 6 months so we will see!

50% Mommy 50% Daddy - 100% perfect - too stinkin' cute!!

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