Sunday, March 3, 2013

grab bag...

things have been kind of crazy around here (who am I kidding, when are they not!)
 sorry for the lack of posts and photos...
here is a random mix of photos over the past few weeks!!! 
Gage and Gabby are both sick today... poor meatballs. 
that's one of the hardest things about being a mommy - not being able to make them better instantly.
my oldest is OBSESSED with ice hockey... the kid will wake up and run downstairs, turn on the tv and check all the hockey scores from the night before so he can give us the rundown.  Seriously, he carries his hockey stick with him everywhere and is constantly talking about a flyers player or someone who got hurt or traded.  maybe it's time I bite the bullet and sign him up for lessons...
got a couple more posts on the way... a catch up on my "training" (ha, that's funny) and my February favs!!!

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