Sunday, February 17, 2013

if you really knew me... #2.

- I am a compulsive clicker... I can't stand waiting for something to load so I'll just click and click and click and click and click... :)
- I should have been a drummer... I always use my steering wheel as a drum set!
- I'm such a sucker for cute old men.
- Miss Gabby Louise is left handed… and I think that's super cool!!!
- I fell in love with photography in 7th grade on a trip to Camp Sandy Hill.
- My taste buds have changed a lot over the past several months... I feel like I am eating like an adult now instead of a child :)
- This past summer was the first time I ever mowed the grass... lame-o
- I miss being pregnant. [call me crazy... it's true.]
- I talk to my Grammie every morning on my way to work :)
- I dream of having legs that look like Carrie Underwood’s... keyword - DREAM!!!
- I’ve never had a bloody nose.
- I really hate cooking.
- Magazines are really the only thing I enjoy reading… and they always suck me in at the register... and I'm a sucker for a good subscription price... just got a year of Fitness magazine for 5 buckaroos.
- I have a slight major obsession with pens.
- I love my kids names but it’s super annoying sometimes – and I fear they will hate it when they are older.
- I wish I was better at styling my hair – it’s either down and curled or up in a ponytail.

there ya have it... if ya didn't know... now ya do!!!
:) :) :)


Amanda L Grossman said...

My middle name is Louise! I also wish I knew how to do my hair better...

Hope you are well:).

mom/grammie said...

AC will LOVE the pen obsession---wonder where that came from?!?!?!

Nice pic of Big G....tell him we still have to watch that movie together! Glad the interest is still there...

I'm a clicker too....then everything gets all messed up...we need more patience!!!

Love you all....