Thursday, March 7, 2013

wordless wednesday... or not!!!

oh crap... it's Thursday... DOH!!!

tough - I'm doing a [not so] wordless wednesday post anyway... or I guess maybe it's a talkative Thursday post now ;)

here is my favorite photo of the week so far... it's not a great photo but the moment in the photo is wonderful :)  the meatballs were pretending to make snow angels - in the blocks!!!  they are just too darn funny!!!
another favorite of the week... my oldest and me before school/work on Tuesday... he's growing up so fast... and I think he looks a lot like me!!!
one more photo just for the heck of it... :)  I'm in love with my Brooks headband... this thing keeps my ears nice and toasty warm during my run!!!  Having cold ears is such a distraction for me... but not anymore with my super cool (but boring, sure wish our local running store had it in more colors than just black) Brooks headband!!! ;)
(don't judge ;) - this was after 4.5 miles in not so fun wind)

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