Sunday, March 3, 2013

'training' weeks #5-8

I'm kicking myself in the butt for a few different reasons in regards to this half-marathon -
1. I should have found and stuck to a legitamate training program
2. I should have been running outside intead of on the treadmill
3. I should have found a friend to train with

I'm still very pumped up and excited about the race but I am also very terrified.  My 'training' began well but I pushed myself way too hard and didn't pay attention to rest and nutrition.  The past few weeks have been a struggle - both physically and mentally - and because of an extreme lack of time. (yes, I know I should make time but that's pretty impossible when you have 3 young kids and when you work about 45-50 hours a week)

here is a re-cap of the past few weeks...

week #5

Tuesday, Feb. 5th: total 7.13 miles total
that felt pretty darn good ;)

Thursday, Feb. 7th: 4.18 miles total

Friday, Feb. 8th: 2.5 mile run - eliptical, 40 min. 

week # 6
Monday, Feb. 11th: 4.19 miles total
Friday, Feb. 15th: 4.28 miles total

week #7
Tuesday, Feb. 19th: 5.12 miles total


week #8
Tuesday, Feb. 26th: 8.12 miles total - LONGEST RUN SO FAR - WORD!!!
Thursday, Feb. 28th: ??? total - likely around 3 miles

pretty darn sad given I only have 5 weeks left to train... 
but - hey - 5 is my favorite number right?!?
my goal for March... get my rump on the ROAD.

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Kelly said...

You go Kiley! Way to go. Keep up the great work!