Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February favorite things...

my February favs... let's see...

panera bread: LOVE this place. I love their blueberry bagels. I love their chicken noodle soup.  I love their smoked turkey breast sandwich.  I love their chicken caesar salad.  I love their fresh lemon slices for my diet pepsi :)  oh, and I always love my 'my panera' card - I'm always gettin' the hook up with free stuff!!!

up&up makeup remover towelettes: I don't have a great skin care routine - but these things are a must for me every night.  They remove any dirt, makeup or whatever nastiness that's made it's way to your face.  I hate when my face feels real dry and these definitely don't leave my face feeling like that!!!

covergirl clear mascara: so, I'm gonna let y'all in on a secret of mine... I use this crap on my eyebrows.  My eyebrows are incredibly dark, long, thick and often times out of hand.  I have to use this stuff to keep them tame ;)  [ps: I'm allowed to say y'all, I lived in North Carolina for a year ;)]

and, if anyone wonders where my crazy eyebrows come from... take one guess...
love you LOTS dad!!!

goody stayput hairbands: these freaking things ROCK!!!  they don't move what.so.ever during any of my workouts and they come in a ton of cool colors :)

mossimo tank tops from target: I have 2 white ones, a black one, 2 beige/tan ones, a green and navy stripped one and an aqua one.  I always like to have a cami/tank top on regardless of what I'm wearing and these are by far the most comfortable and cheapest ones I have found!!!

sweetFrog: YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! Lemme tell ya, if you've never been to a sweet frog, get your tush to one today.  I love this place :)  My favorite is a mix between country vanilla and chocolate with a bunch of cherries, a few mini chocolate chips and some waffle cone pieces... (okay, some hot fudge too!!!)
fyi - the 'frog' is sweetFrog stands for -

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