Tuesday, January 22, 2013

week #2 - 22.5 miles

this week had some super high points and some pretty low points... but I'm just going to focus on the high points.  I do realize I need to find a good training program and really stick to it because at this point all I'm doing is running which I know is going to wear me out eventually.  It's tough because I've been feeling really good, most days, and have really seen a lot of changes in my endurance but I also know lifting and cross training and getting outside to run are key components of training too.

{haha... I type like I actually know what I'm talking about... I have NO freakin clue... I'm about as rookie as they get when it comes to athletic stuff and running.}

Monday, Jan. 14: total 4.39 miles

Tuesday, Jan. 15: off - I had a late work appointment and didn't get home until after 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 16: total 3 miles - no picture...

Thursday, Jan 17: total 5.1 miles

Friday, Jan 18: total 4.1 miles

Saturday, Jan. 19: total 6.1 miles

yep, I'm a nasty, sweaty, gross, ewwwwy mess but man did I feel good!!! 

2 weeks down... 11 more to go...

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Righteous Runner said...

Yay!!! Keep on it! You're doing great!