Thursday, January 24, 2013

a little fashion fun.

My parents renewed my People Style Watch subscription for Christmas... such a great gift!  (thanks Mom and Dad!!!)  I was looking through the new Feb. 2013 issue the other day and saw a ton awesome stuff that I just LOVE.  I also saw some not so awesome stuff and kinda thought it would be fun to share just a couple of the things I found. 

wedge sneakers... ummmmm... yuck!!!
I just don't really get it I guess.  These things are hideous. 
these navy wedges are gorgeous... and Princess Kate wears them all the time... I'm sold!!!

  I also was drooling over this necklace... such a good mix of class and funk :)
one other fav I spotted... I'm addicted to flats (thanks again Mom!!!)... and these are super fun!
okay, what the hay... while I've got fashion on the brain I'll post some of the recent adorable fashion pics I've seen on pinterest...  ohhhhhhh pinterest :)


Jamie said...

I so agree with that quote!

mom/grammie said...

SOOOO LOVE all your thing I don't "get" though, is the pairing of prints with stripes, plaids with flower prints, etc....just call me old fashioned, I guess!!

AND, absolutely love the cute shoes but ya gotta have just the right outfit to really show them off.....especially like the striped flats, but they need a solid outfit with a matching striped scarf! Would love to start a line of TOTAL outfits...with jewelry matching buttons, matching belts & scarves...right down to shoes!!
AND....let's bring stockings back...sorry, girls, but stockings are a must in the winter! (And, slips are a must in the summer!!)

Ah.....if only there wern't more important things to worry about!!!
But, it's fun to dream!!! (And pretend I'm young again!)