Monday, January 21, 2013

meatball mashup...

it's been a while since I've posted about the meatballs so here's a little peak into what they've been up to...

Gavin - we got him signed up for another season of t-ball!!!  He was really hoping to play instructional baseball this season but they changed the rules and you have to be 7 years old during the season but he won't turn 7 until October.  Oh well, I'm sure he will have a ton of fun.  He is LOVING kindergarten and is learning so much.  It's amazing to watch him do his homework, read his site words, talk about his friends and get so excited about going back to school the next morning.  He can be a mean little meatball if he doesn't get his way but we are working through that.

Gabrielle - oh this girl is a freakin handfull.  yikes.  Someone please tell me again, why did I want a daughter so badly?!?  I kid, I kid... she's wonderful and such a blessing but boy she's a tough cookie.  She recently got her first hair cut, which was super exciting for me but she could have cared less.  We didn't get much cut, just her ends that were real straggly and yucky but she looks super cute :)  Our little miss is now fully potty trained too, bout darn time!!!  
 Gage - this kid is such a darn bookworm, I love it!!! He could sit and read the same book over and over and over and would be happy as pie. As soon as he wakes up most mornings he brings a book out that he wants to read. And... get this... Gage finally gets a bath without throwing a tantrum. He actually now loves the bath and throws a tantrum when it's time to get out. I can't believe it took 2 stinkin years to get the kid to enjoy the bath but we finally made it. Now, if I could just get him to cooperate when changing his diaper and not want to run around naked all the time!!!


mom/grammie said...

LOVE the pics and up-dates. They sure are adorable little people!!
Thanks for sharing such wonderful & special times!

Kelly said...

Too cute! Love the pics!