Wednesday, January 16, 2013

week #1 - 11.5 miles

I started 'training' for the half marathon last week... not real sure I can call it training yet since I'm not following a plan, just kinda winging it for now.  [i know, find a training plan, yea yea, I will!!!]  I did 4.3 miles on Monday, 30 minutes on the bike and a 2 mile run on Tuesday, took a rest day on Wednesday, 60 minutes on the bike on Thursday and 5.2 miles on Friday.

yep... that's right... my once super lazy, excuse making self ran [slowly] 5.2 miles.  It took me 70 minutes, which puts me right around a 13:30 minute mile pace... definitely on the slower side... but let's remember who we are talking about here.  I couldn't even run a mile without stopping two months ago.

week #1 total: apx 11.5 miles

Thank you to all my runner friends for your encouragement and tips!!!  Not real sure what week #2 of training will look like... maybe it's time I focus and find a training program that will work well for me.  I don't know why I've been so hesitant to commit to one but I definitely understand it's the best way to go.

okay, now I'm rambling on...  thanks for listening, for caring and for motivating me :):):)


mom said...

If you're taking the route we talked about, you're now in Cochranville at 5.2 !! Way to Go!!!

I am amazed!!! AND very very proud of you!

Chris & Tracey Moher said...

I'm commenting as a non-runner runner :)

I did a half marathon 2 octobers ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life. For the record my longest run before the half was a little over 7 miles. The thing that helped me the most during the run were the people. Give them high fives, wave hello back and listen to them cheering you on. It helps sooooo much! I promise :) I did use headphones, but if there was a large crowd I always took them out, because people are amazing and it makes you feel amazing when you hear them cheering for you!

Just a little piece of advice. Also go slower at the water stations, better to get some water down comfortably than choking it down your throat!