Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I got this.

half marathon. 

I got this.  I can do it. 

I have never ever in my life felt so strong.
so determined.
so focused.
so ready to actually accomplish something big.

April 6th, 2013.  that big day.

I want to make my kids proud. my family proud. myself proud.

bring it on!!!


mom said...

How far did you say this half marathon is? Am I thinking 13 miles? I just realized that is about the distance from our house to Grammie's house.

You go girl!

Tracy Manfredi said...

You can do it Kileo!!! My brother made me a running schedule when I began training... It's a good idea, then you know what you're supposed to run that day, and it keeps you more accountable, and you'll get in better shape that way. Also, I know you're running on a treadmill, but if you do run outside focus on the beauty around you instead of actually on your running... And pray... It helps!!! I used to have 35 minute prayers in my head. It totally cleared things up for me, I got time to vent, and I swear it helped my running. You can do this!!! I'm very proud of you so far already!!!