Thursday, August 9, 2012

30 before 30

I turn 30 in a little less than 10 months. (May 31st) That seems absolutely crazy to me.  30. three zero. 3 – 0.  thirty.  WOW!  So, I’m ready to challenge myself.. I’m ready to make this last piece of my twenties special and exciting.  I’ve made a list.

my *30 things before 30 list* and I hope to get photos of most or all!

some are silly, some are serious, some are easy, some are tough, some are fun, some are selfish, some are scary, all are worth it.

1. pay off my car. [her name is Blair and I love her!]

2. do something fun with my blog related to fashion and/or fitness.

3. get my third tattoo. [something fun and unique]

4. research & open a college savings account for g-cubed.

5. try to crochet.

6. conquer my fear of horses. [yes, this means riding one. yikes!]

7. redecorate my office with some of my photographs.

8. get a pedicure. [still never had one]

9. take Gavin ice-skating.

10. sponsor a child from Africa.

11. write a will. [I’m dragging my feet.]

12. paint our bedroom.

13. wear a bikini on my 30th birthday. [not a ‘skirt' bottom bikini.]

14. teach Gage his ABC’s.

15. go to and buy something at an auction. [preferably something super old!]

16. get caught up on baby books.

17. complete a DIY project that’s blog post worthy.

18. chaperone a field trip for my niece or nephews.

19. go skiing or snow tubing. [never done either.]

20. buy and rock a pair of funky skinny jeans. [they always look so cool!]

21. do something special with my Grammie’s shirts.

22. take Gabby to Disney on Ice.

23. give our house a major landscape overhaul.

24. try sushi.

25. run one mile on my old high school track. [to erase the terrible memories of ‘mile run day’ in gym class.]

26. travel to a city Steven and I have never been to before. [maybe Boston.. not sure yet!]

27. organize, then donate the [millions] of toys the kids no longer play with.

28. 5k, 10k, half marathon. [need to pray about this.]

29. shoot a gun. [for the first time!]

30. have a kick butt 30th birthday party!

watch out thirty.. here I come :)


mom said...

Wow! Lofty goals for 10 short months, but I have no doubt you can accomplish all of it! Let me know what I can join in & have fun with.....especially the skinny jeans & ice skating!
Biggest surprise.....#24....ugh!

Seriously, love the chaperone idea. They would LOVE that!

Very proud of you, as always!

Amanda L Grossman said...


It's Amanda Grossman from high school:).

I think it's so cool that you made this list and hope to root you along the way. Good luck!!!

P.S. Do you have a UPromise account? Email me at if you have questions.

Righteous Runner said...

I love this list! I have full confidence that you will totally accomplish this list and have a blast doing so. I did a '20 awesome things from my 20s' and a '30 awesome things to do in my 30s list.'

I giggled at the mile run part. I always try and hit the OHS track when I'm home simply for vindication from the dreaded mile run.