Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tracy & Gio :)

Yesterday the kids and I drove to New York to visit with my best friend from college, Tracy.  Tracy’s son Giovanni ‘Gio’ was born on March 4, 2012 and yesterday was our first time meeting him.  Tracy is originally from Rhode Island, went to college in North Carolina (where we met!) and now lives in Colorado with her hubby Artie, Gio and their cute doggie.  She and Gio flew home for a short vacation with her family; she drove to New York from Rhode Island to visit with her husband’s family for the day and they so graciously allowed me and my circus to crash their party!

It was so fantastic getting to meet baby Gio and to see Tracy again.. it’s been exactly a year since I had seen her last.. and I can’t even describe how comfortable and awesome it was to just sit on the couch next to her and talk.  We’ve had a “long distance” friendship for the past 10 years – and we’ve had our ups and downs – but when we get together like yesterday, it’s like we haven’t spent a day apart.

Love you & miss you millions and billions and zillions Traceo!!!!!!




feb 2009 

july 2011 

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(I need to do some diggin for some real old school pics.. stay tuned!)

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mom said...

Hey Tracy.....I know how special this visit was for Kiley and I LOVE the pics! What a gorgeous little guy you have----congratulations! It seems like just a few short months ago we were visiting you in NC....oh my!!

Kiley....thanks for sharing this special reunion! As always, the pictures are wonderful!