Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well.. I can officially cross one thing off my 30 before 30 list! Last Thursday and Friday I attended the Global Leadership Summit along with some coworkers. This was my third year attending and it is always SO inspiring.  They played a video highlighting Compassion International that really tugged at my heart.

I have read a lot about Compassion International and have prayed for a long time about sponsorship. My heart has always been in Africa, for some reason, and now I think I know why...

Her name is Olivia.. Her birthday is March 5, 2006.. She has three siblings.  Both her mother and father are still living but her family does live in an AIDS affected area. They had a Compassion table at the leadership summit and as I was walking by during one of the breaks I noticed Olivia’s pretty yellow shirt.  Her shirt made me think of sunshine, which made me think of my Grammie.  I knew, right then, her picture was coming home with me!  This sponsorship, to some, may seem small but to me and my family, it’s huge.  It’s going to take some reworking of our budget to make this sponsorship work but it’s important to me.  I’m looking forward to talking with the kiddos about Olivia and about the impact we can have in her life.  I’m excited to have the kids color pictures for her.  I’m excited to print out a map and mark where we live and where she lives.  I’m also excited to send her stickers – what 6 year old doesn’t enjoy stickers!!!  It’s the small things…


please join me in praying for Olivia and for her family :)

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mom said...'re doing something SO very special! Remember the YELLOW blanket Grammie tried to make for your second pregnancy???
We'd certainly like to help in any way possible. Do you know anything about the sex/ages of her siblings? I'd like us to contribute to the packages you send...we'll talk!
As always, very proud of you! And, congratulations for accomplishing one of your 30!
luv u.....