Monday, August 20, 2012

you ate what?!?!

that’s what my mom will say when she reads this..

try sushi. did it :)


and actually really liked it!

IMG_5124-001 IMG_5125-001

Steven and I went on a double date with our cousin David and his new fiancé Elisa and we had a blast!  David was a sushi newbie too.. it was nice not being the only rookie there!  I’ve never been to a hibachi grill so I was very excited to see ‘the show’ and enjoy some family time. (with no kids!)


We each ordered a different sushi roll and also ordered a meal.  I got to try four different sushi rolls and really enjoyed all of them.  :)  I am so proud of myself! (and I’m proud of you too David.. if you ever read this!)  I absolutely loved watching ‘the show’ – the chef was hilarious and the other people sitting with us were super nice!   I’m glad Elisa was with us – she is a sushi expert!  And I am very thankful for my husband’s support with my silly (but very meaningful) 30 before 30 goals!


I’m really looking forward to going back.. when we save some money.. who knew that stuff would cost so much! :)

IMG_5150-001 IMG_5154-001

thanks for the date boyfriend & girlfriend – really looking forward to the next one!

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Righteous Runner said...

Yay! Go Kiley!

I'm always surprised at how offended people will get if you don't like or have not tried sushi. I swear, you have differing political opinions but heaven help you if you don't like spicy tuna rolls.

I love your list! Keep at it!! :-)