Sunday, December 5, 2010


To my sweet Gabrielle Louise - Happy 1st Birthday!!  This past year has truly been memorable =)  I have enjoyed each and every second of watching you grow and learn.  You are developing into such a bright, sweet, loving, strong, silly little lady and I just love everything about you!  I love how you play with my shirt as you fall asleep; I love how you won’t give daddy kisses but give me kisses all the time; I love how you wrestle with your big bro even though he’s 20 pounds heavier than you; I love your beautiful curly hair; I love how you try to sneak up the stairs when you think no one is watching you; I love how you splash and carry on in the bathtub; I love how independent you’ve become with your food; I love how you say “hi Gage” and give him smooches; I love how you bark [aka scream] at the dogs when they are outside; I love how you always try to climb in the dishwasher when we are putting dishes away; I love your adorable scrunchie-nose face; I love watching you ‘read’ books; I love watching you dance when mommy has the radio on; I love watching you with your daddy (you are and will forever be his little princess!); I love it all.. everything.. my heart is full.. you are a dream come true and I love you to pieces, now and forever.

At 12 months you are:

  • not sure of height & weight, will find out next week
  • wearing size 3 diapers
  • wearing mostly 18 month clothing
  • You have 6 teeth (2 on the bottom & 4 on the top)
  • You are very close to standing on your own – you’ve done it a few times and it won’t be long before you’ve mastered it
  • no walking yet but that’s okay – your brother didn’t walk until he was 15 months old and truthfully, things will likely get much harder when you start walking so mommy is okay if we need to wait a few more weeks for that to happen =)
  • you love love love the bathtub!
  • Books are one of your favorite toys right now
  • Gavin’s cars are still probably your favorite (but you got 2 very cool pink cars for your birthday so now you have your own!!)
  • You refuse to eat baby food – you will only eat food that you can feed yourself – the only thing mommy or daddy can feed you is yogurt
  • Hot dogs, carrots, apples and pasta are likely your favorites right now
  • Goodbye formula – Hello whole milk!!  (and your really seem to like the milk, as long as it’s warm)
  • You love when mommy puts lotion on you after your bath
  • You enjoy having your fingernails clipped… do I see manicures in our future?!!
  • You’ve mastered the stairs – you’re one quick little chick!
  • Music & dancing are a big hit with you – you get a kick out of watching mommy dance around the kitchen like an idiot =)
  • you say mama, dada, ‘hiiiiiii’ and ‘gaaaaaaaaage’ – and something that sounds like baby but I’m not quite sure that’s what it is
  • You are one AWESOME daughter – with an adorable nose!


number one number one N number one E


Love & blessings!

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