Tuesday, October 27, 2009

33 weeks = 8 months = a honeydew!

My ticker says 48 days to go until Gabrielle's due date - 48 days - that's about 7 weeks from now - so close, yet so far away!  I don't even know where to begin.. I am so in love with being pregnant, especially because I know this will likely be my last pregnancy (notice I didn't say last child.. yes, I'd love to adopt one day.. that's an entirely different post though!) - but I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy at the same time.  I know I only have to stick it out for a few more weeks (I will be full term in 4 weeks - gasp!)  and I am sure I will miss feeling her kick around in my tummy.  Work is becoming more of a challenge because I cannot seem to find a comfortable position at my desk but the constant up and down causes uncomfortable cramping.  I really do want to try and work as long as I can because I'd like to save as much of my leave for after she arrives.  My coworkers are great and have been very understanding when I am irritated or not feeling well.  My hubby has also been amazing - he's such a great guy and an awesome father - our kids are so so so lucky to have him, and so am I!!  (brownie points, now take me to Texas.Roadhouse!!)

We had our first scare last night - I had to finally break down and call the doctor, luckily we didn't have to go to the hospital.  Hope I don't gross anyone out but here's what happened - I was having trouble getting comfortable on the sofa with Gavin, having a hard time breathing and was so hot.  Steven let me lay down and about one minute later I was running to the bathroom to vomit.  After a few good rounds of vomit my body told me I needed to poo and I needed to poo now.  This continued for about 45 minutes - pooing and vomiting - and when I would vomit I would contract and my heart would race - the contractions were not extremely painful but enough that they were irritating and bothersome.  I called the doctor's office and waited about 15-20 minutes for someone to call me back, all while continuing my above mentioned activities.  Finally about an hour and 10 minutes into it I began feeling better and was actually able to leave the bathroom, although my contractions continued.  The nurse called back and said what I figured she would - dehydration can cause contractions and I need to try and hydrate myself but if I am unable to hold down fluids and am still contracting at a higher rate over the next 2 hours then I should go in to be monitored.  Thankfully, after putting Gav to bed, I was able to sit down on the sofa, turn on Monday.Night.Football, drink water, munch on ice and just calm down.  It was definitely super scary and extremely gross, praise God it was nothing too major!

33 week quiz:
How far along: 33 weeks 1 day
Weight gain: + 25 pounds - average weight gain at this point is between 22 and 28 pounds so I guess I shouldn't feel too fat :o)
Stretch marks: yes - I can do nothing else but embrace them - and lather them with lotion every night and every morning!
Any new baby items: not since last week, but I am hoping to go shopping very soon for her newborn photo outfit and her coming home outfit - Gav wore the same for both so maybe that's what we will do with her too.
Any new maternity items: no, although I am noticing my shirts are getting smaller and don't cover my belly nearly as well as they had before - do you think my boss would be okay with me wearing my Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Champs hoodie to work every day for the next 4-7 weeks?!!
Sleep: hasn't been too bad lately - other than the awful heartburn/indigestion (thank goodness for tums!) and peeing every few hours
Gender: team pink :o)
Labor signs: see long/gross story above.
Belly button in or out: completely flat - sticks out when I sit down 
Movement: she is actually dancing away as I type this - I need to try and get another video of her moving, it's so amazing!!
Food cravings: ice chips, Pepsi slushies, and yes, still Texas.Roadhouse!
Best moment of the week: having Gavin and Steven at my doctor appointment (they haven't missed one yet!) and having them get to be involved with feeling Gummy Bear, hearing her heartbeat and listening to Gavin's heartbeat - so fun!
What I miss: being able to sit comfortably, putting my socks on and tying my shoes, shaving my legs without having to take a break every 5 seconds, painting my toenails, sleeping on my tummy and my back, having energy, walking normal (yes, I am starting to get that pregnant waddle!), having a beer while I watch football.. ah, my time will come ;o)
What I'm looking forward to: finding a couple special outfits for Gabrielle for her photos and her first trip home, having off on Friday for Gavin's costume parade at school then trick.or.treat Friday night and continuing to prepare for our lovely little lady!!
Weekly wisdom: take lots of photos - even of silly things - nothing can replace those special times with family and friends.
Milestones: For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ should weigh much more than a mere 5 lbs and measly 17 inches in height, but nope, that’s about the average size for a baby in its thirty-third week. In terms of appearances, they’re getting cuter and pudgier every minute as they pile on the baby fat for those adorable little wrist rolls and chubby toes. And as we’re sure you’ve already noticed they’re getting stronger with every passing day. Nowadays, it’s possible to observe a well-placed kick just by watching your belly—but you already knew that didn’t you? Although they’re getting stronger, your bigger-by-the-day baby is losing space to move around, so the actual rate of movement will drop off in the last few weeks, despite that powerful drop-kick they’ve been working on.


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Ashleigh said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful baby belly! I miss mine!!! :) You look fantastic!