Monday, October 26, 2009

32 week DR visit recap.

I know this is late, I apologize.. it's been a very stressful week.  We have a terrible situation occurring at work that has consumed most of my thought, both at work and at home, which is never goodMy doctor visit on Thursday went well, uneventful which is always good.. here's a recap -

Urine: no trace of protein, no trace of glucose
Blood pressure: 105/63
Weight: I have now gained 25 lbs and likely have another 7 or so to go..
Heartbeat: her heartbeat was strong and in the 140's
Questions: I asked the nurse about my cramping/contractions.. she stated that if I am well hydrated and have 4 to 6 in an hour then I should call the office.. this has happened a few times but I've never called because it never amounts to anything.  I need to start paying better attention and actually focusing on frequency - and I need to drink more water!  She stated that it's very common for women in their 2nd pregnancy (or 3rd or 4th or 19th!) to feel about a month further along then what they really are, so if I am feeling like I am full term it's not abnormal.  It was nice to hear this because I have been feeling closer to full term with the pain and the discomfort but thought I was just being a baby considering I am only 32 weeks along.. thanks Emily for making me feel a little better about myself!  She also told me it's fine for me to continue lifting Gavin - I was getting worried that they may tell me I am no longer allowed to lift him but she said it's fine.
Next appointment: Wednesday November 4th @ 11:35 a.m. - I am hoping Steven will be up for getting some lunch after the appointment.  After my 34 week appointment I go again at 36 weeks then we go every week.. wow!
Belly measurement: I am measuring right at 32 weeks :o)
Midwife: We actually saw a nurse practitioner today, Emily, and she was extremely nice.  She took the time to answer all of my questions and even got Gavin and Steven involved in the appointment.  Emily was feeling my tummy to see the baby's position (she is currently head down with her back to the left side of my tummy and her feet and arms tucked in on the right side) and she had Steven get up and feel Gummy Bear's back and butt.. it was pretty neat!!  She also had Gavin help her with the tape measure, then after she listened to the baby's heartbeat, which Gavin LOVES, she listened to Gavin's heart, he was such a happy boy!!  It was so cool to have them involved in the appointment, I definitely appreciated that.

I just have to say that dispite the discomforts and pain I am so so so grateful for this amazing blessings and continue to fall more in love with this little lady each day.  I absolutely cannot wait to see her face but I know she needs to do a little more cooking in there :o)

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