Sunday, July 19, 2009

blog makeover =)

I had some time to kill while Gav was napping and I was in between loads of laundry so I decided to give my blog a little makeover! Let me know what you think. I am sure I will change it again once we know Gummy Bear's gender but for now I like this layout. It's classy and I love brown, so I'm happy =)

On another note I have decided what to do about my OBGYN dilemma. I took a tour of the Heart of Lancaster Hospital and while the rooms were lovely I just did not feel at home. So I am switching my OBGYN provider. I will now be a May Grant patient and I have my first appointment there on July 28th. The nurse I spoke with said that I will definitely be able to keep my ultrasound appointment because that's with Maternal Fetal Medicine, not with OBGYN of Lancaster, so that definitley made the switch easier. I've gotten a lot of feedback from friends who like May Grant, which I really have appreciated. It was scarey at first to think about switching but that tour of the hosptial really sealed the deal for me!

Only 23 more days til the big ultrasound! I cannot wait to see this little baby again, and to get to see the legs, arms, heart, lungs, face, brain, spine, etc.... oh I just get chills thinking about it.

Off to finish the laundry and watch the Phillies!

Love & blessings,

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