Friday, November 9, 2012

friday's letters. {& photos.}

dear meatballs: can't we all just get along!  please. please.
dear running: I miss you... I promise, it's not you, it's me.  I'm working on a plan for us to get back together, very soon.  this meeting at 1 a.m. stuff just isn't working well for me.
dear coworkers:  you girls (and guy) are pretty stinkin' awesome... I am blessed.  Very very blessed.
dear scale: stop going up... it's not okay...
dear pants: stop getting tighter... it's not okay...
dear stupid baby fever:  you're welcome to go away anytime.  there are no more babies in my future.  what the heck is my problem!
dear dude that hit my car today:  thanks a bunch... now my poor Blair has a yucky bump and she is not very happy about it.
dear shutterfly: I am loving all your new Christmas card desings... now, if only I could get one, just one decent photo of my 3 meatballs together I'd be super happy :)
dear blog: thanks for being my outlet, my stress reliever, my photo album, my journal, even when what I write is useless and meaningless... it still feels good to write it.
dear Olivia (the sweet girl my family sponsors through Compassion): THANK YOU for our letter :)  it couldn't have come on a better day!!!
dear old school Mariah Carey music: thanks for being my guilty pleasure, my 'just need to act like an idiot for a few minutes' escape!
dear trick.or.treat candy: thanks for giving me something to bribe my kids with - safe to say, more dinner is consumed with you in the house :)

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Jamie said...

Love the pictures!