Wednesday, November 14, 2012

cell phone pics.

My kids hate having their picture taken.  Doesn't work real well since I am obsessed with taking pictures of them.  Lately I've had to bribe them with various things just to get a photo of them.  Usually they are somewhat open to taking pictures with me but don't want to cooperate when i want a shot of just them.  I guess I shouldn't complain... at least I have some photos of my kiddos and me together!!!  

Who has suggestions about how to get kids to cooperate with the camera?!?!?!
I sure do love my g-cubed :) :) :)

and holy smokes... I think Jay.Leno might be my dad... look at those chins...

I've mentioned before my desire to do something with fashion and/or fitness here... I truthfully have no clue what that looks like but I'm sure I will figure it out along the way.  I've found some great blogs recently that mix the two very well, so I have some thoughts in mind.  I just joined a gym... so I'm sure I will be sharing about some workouts and maybe a little about my half marathon training.  yep, I said it.  it's a major dream... hopefully I will get there.

{yes, I'm a nerd, I took a photo of myself, in my car}... but don't pay attention to me... check out that necklace!!!  I got it at a flea market... and I love it!!!
ever since I saw this pin on pinterest...  (follow me here)
 I've been searching for a 'statement' necklace and I am very happy with what I found!!!

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mom said...

LOVE the necklace! You are amazing!