Monday, November 19, 2012

come on kids... just sit still.

I posted our Christmas card - sorry those that receive it won't be surprised - but shutterfly was giving you $10 for sharing it on your blog.  Duh!  Ten bucks is ten bucks!!!
I tried a few different times to get a good shot of all the kiddos together
but this is the best I got...
My niece also got some funny ones for me that I considered using...
(yes, Gage's hat is on backwards - so is Gavin's - cracks me up!!!)
but for several different reasons I decided to go with the navy card, which I LOVE!!!
navy is my favorite color.. enuf said ;)

1 comment:

mom said...

They're all adorable....but what else can be expected with such adorable kids!

I LOVE the middle picture...Gabby's axpression is PRICELESS---if only Gage's face was a little more visible it wuld be perfect.....but that look on her face and Gav's huge smile----just precious!!!