Wednesday, November 7, 2012

disney on ice & skinny jeans.

check two more items off my 30 before 30 list :) :) :)  [insert silly happy dance!]

20. buy and rock a pair of funky skinny jeans. [they always look so cool!]
22. take Gabby to Disney on Ice.

okay... #20... tougher than I thought... I don't have the right body type for skinny jeans, they just don't look real good on me... so buying a 'funky' pair was not a wise fashion choice for me.  Instead, I opted for a very dark denim pair instead of the coral or mint colored pair I really wanted.  (and they were only $9.99!)  I really just wanted a pair "skinny" enough to wear with my boots.  Gavin told me I look like a pirate!!!

#22.  Disney On Ice... SO SO SO much fun!!!  I felt like a little girl again.  Beauty and the Beast and The Litttle Mermaid are two of my most favorite Disney movies.  I was singing along and knew all the words - it was great!!!  (Brave and Tangled were also there but I'm not as familiar with those movies - and actually we haven't even seen Brave yet)  The kiddos were so good the entire time and they all had a ton of fun.  I took a total of 365 photos that afternoon... yikes!!!  This list item was MUCH more fun than silly skinny jeans!

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