Monday, September 10, 2012

if you really knew me…

-you'd know I'm addicted to eating ice
-you'd know I love college football... Let's GOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!!
-you'd know I have a TON of gray hair, I swear it's like I have gray highlights
-you'd know I collect camels (and will gladly accept 'donations' for my collection!)
- you'd know bats freak me the heck out. ewwww.
-you'd know I am crazy about my family and friends
-you'd know I hardly ever wear my seatbelt
-you'd know there is this athletic, crafty, vintage loving, fashion obsessed girl inside of me trying to get out
-you'd know I am hooked on diet Pepsi with lemon and honey mustard... NO WAY, not together!!!
- you'd know I have horrible eye sight
-you'd know music is so important to me
- you'd know I seriously considered joining the Air Force after high school
- you'd know I am on pinterest wayyyyyy too much
- you'd know I barely ever have any cash on me
- you'd know I read my bible for a few minutes in my car when I first get to work in the am (if I don't have an appointment)
- you'd know people always spell my name, Kylie, even family members (fyi - it's Kiley)
- you'd know I love planning parties
- you'd know my celebrity crush is Shemar Moore - ooooooeeeee!!!
- you'd know I absolutely love the smell of rain
- you'd know I am constantly imagining everything I see as a photograph
- you'd know I am horrible at listening to voicemails and returning phone calls
- you'd know it annoys me when people burp or fart and don't say excuse me (sorry mom, I said the f-word!!!)
- you'd know that commercials on the radio get on my nerves... I'm always changing the channel if there are commercials
- you'd know it has always bugged me when people say 9-11 instead of September 11th
- you'd know I wish Colorado bordered Pennsylvania - miss you Traceo, Artie & baby Gio!!!
Kiley Anderson
and if you didn’t know… now you do :)

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mom said...

Only a couple surprised me, but I do have one question.....when do you have time to watch Young & Restless?