Wednesday, June 27, 2012

meatball madness.

Meatball madness... yes, I've started calling my kids meatballs... no clue why... just funny to me!  They are all growing SO SO SO SO SO SO SO stinkin' fast!!!  I figured it would be fun to do a silly little update on each...

Gavin Arthur aka lover of baseball and hockey and wii aka mr sensitive aka prayer warrior!  Gav just had his last tball game on Saturday; he LOVED tball and is really sad about the season being over.  He's already talking about getting to play 'real' baseball next year and how he hopes he can get red cleats then too!  such a goof ball!  Gavin is a great big brother, although he does get annoyed with middle and little quite easily.  He definitely enjoys having his own personal space to play.  He asks me at least twice a day when he gets to go to kindergarten and if we can go shopping for a back pack!  He loves reading books and listening to music.  He tries to tell knock-knock jokes but hasn't quite figured them out yet - which makes them even funnier!!!  Gavin - I am very proud of the sweet boy you are... I adore your sensitivity, your laugh, your kindness and your super silly side!!!

Gabrielle Louise aka miss independent aka lover of baby dolls aka miss adventurous aka crazy girl!  My sweet Gabby, oh my gracious, she is a firecracker.  I will be totally honest here and say that I have no clue how to parent her.  She is way too smart for her age and is just a pickle sometimes.  She is so much fun but she doesn't listen at all, she just does whatever she wants to do!  Fear is certainly not a word she's aware of.  She's braver than I think I've ever been!  She's also a lover of sleeping in my bed with me...  I cannot figure out how to get her to sleep through the night in her bed.  Frustrating to say the least!  She has a blast playing with baby dolls and old cell phones.  It's so funny to hear her 'call' family members and ask if they're coming over to play and getting mad when they tell her 'no' - she's got a great sense of humor!  Gabrielle - I am still so thankful the Lord blessed me with a daughter!  You're not quite the sweet, shy, quiet little lady I was envisioning but I am SO glad He had other plans for our family.  You're one amazing little chic and I am so excited to see you grow!  I adore your nose, your laugh, your 'I love you too' and your energy!

Gage David aka bookworm aka lover of the slide aka mr chef aka bathtub hater!  Gage David is the greatest surprise a momma could ask for!  He's growing SO fast - I can't believe he's already just 3 months shy of his 2nd birthday.  Holy macaroni, I remember when he was just 2 hours old!  He is becoming quite the little pistol too... I guess he's following more in Gabby's footsteps than Gavin's!  Gage doesn't like to be told no and he is very quick to tell you no if you ask him to do something he's not all about at that moment.  Gage loves being read to and looking through books - he was even reading through the newspaper the other morning while we were eating breakfast!  He loves playing with Gabby and Gavin but doesn't always share that well.  His sister seems to get him into trouble a lot but he doesn't really seem to mind too much.  He loves playing baseball with Gavin and also tries hard to play hockey.  The dogs and cats are tired of him pulling their hair and their tails but he still pests them every chance he gets.  He's obsessed with his paci but I'm trying to find a good way to break that.  Gage David - You are my sweet little peanut butter boy!  I always have so much fun playing with you and it's so neat watching your imagination grow!  I adore the pretend 'dog dogs' you make me for dinner, your adorable curly blond hair, and how your chubby cheeks jiggle when you walk!

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mom said...

What special portraits you "paint"!

I love watching your updates almost as much as I enjoy watching these beautiful little ones grow and develop very individual and unique personalities!