Sunday, July 1, 2012


Oh yea, I’m hooked.  Thank goodness I’m not alone :)  I know many of you out there who are hooked too.  I absolutely, totally, without a doubt am in love with this website!  It took me a while to actually create an account but once I did I was a pinning fool! 

I realized/questioned a few things tonight while paging through my 602 pins. . 

I am such a dreamer!

I don’t enjoy cooking but continue to pin recipes.. why??

I don’t consider myself very ‘fashionable’ so why does my {style} board have the most pins?

What’s the ratio of crafts/DIYs pinned then successfully created?  {I am 1 for 99 – yep, 99 pins on my {create} board and I’ve made only one.}

Okay, that’s enough blogging… guess where I’m headed?!

Happy Pinning!!!

If you’re a pin-aholic too, please follow me!!!

and what post is complete without a meatball or 3..

IMG_3397 IMG_3394 IMG_3430

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Jamie said...

adorable pictures! I'm a dreamer too!