Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dear Grammie,

Happy 89th Birthday!!!

I wonder if you’ll indulge in a piece of carrot cake today.. or maybe a slice of apple pie with some ice cream.. whatever it is I sure hope you enjoy it! :)  Words cannot express how much I miss you.  I think of you often, always with a smile and sometimes with tears.  Honestly, I am still not sure I’ve completely accepted the fact that you’re no longer here.  Sometimes I think to myself, ‘oh, wow, I haven’t seen Grammie in a little while, I need to get myself and the kiddos down there to visit.’  Then, almost immediately, I think, oh sugar – we can’t – she’s gone – that’s right – how could I forget. :(

But, I don’t want this birthday to be full of sadness and tears because I miss you so much.  I am going to focus on the incredible, irreplaceable, super special memories I have of you.  Like those toasty warm blankets at bedtime, your beautiful laugh, the sweet notes you’d pack in my lunch, watching Wheel of Fortune trying to guess the puzzles.. I could go on and on!!!

I love you very much Grammie and I am beyond grateful for the priceless memories I have.  I am also so thankful for the countless pictures I have of you!  [although, I do wish I had more of you and Gage together since you only got to meet him once and he’s fussy in the ones I do have.. but.. I can’t worry about that!]  Enjoy your birthday, have lots of fun, be wild and crazy (haha), make a great wish when you blow out your candles and remember to tell Johnny T. happy birthday for me too!

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Betty Louise Cundiff – 6.21.1923 – 1.9.2011

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mom said...

What a wonderful tribute!
She has certainly set the bar a mom and as a grandmom... I could only wish to be one quarter the woman she was.

Kiley, you've chosen great pics to show her many sides....and your incredible bond.

AND....That last picture...I see each of your children in her face! She's with us always.