Tuesday, February 9, 2010

doctor visit recap! {& other fun stuff!}

So we took our little sweet potato to her 2 month well baby visit today.. I'll just say she's not so little anymore!  Gabby now weighs 12 lbs 2 oz and is 24 1/4 inches long!!  That means she is above the 95th percentile for height and in the 90th percentile for weight.  Holy cow - how is it that my tiny little 7 pound chickadee now weighs 12 pounds?!!  She got a ton of vaccines (even an oral one) and was not lovin' life afterward.  Tears lasted for a few minutes but thankfully she settled down as soon as I put her into her carseat.  She goes back in 2 months for her 4 month check up =)  
I started back to work on Monday.  Steven brought the kids over and we had lunch together so I wasn't away from them the entire day (which made a world of difference!)  I've been very busy getting caught up and organized that the separation has not been too difficult but certainly not easy.  My coworker Amy had post placement visits with two babies that were born shortly before I had Gabby so it was great to see them (and they helped with my baby fix!)  I really do have a very interesting and meaningful job - some days I love it - other days I contemplate other careers - but ultimately I do enjoy it and really feel like I am making a difference in the lives I'm involved in.

While reading up on the blogs I follow I came across this video on Kelly's blog.  I realize it's 8 minutes long but I promise every second will be worth it.  I've watched it about a dozen times now and still cry with each piece of cardboard.  I've been thinking about what my cardboard would say..

Pretty powerful.. huh?!  Have you thought about what yours would say?
Okay, if you've made it this far.. and I sure hope you have.. here are some recent photos!

"Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name." - 1 Chronicles 29:13

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