Saturday, February 27, 2010

baby gum drop.

My story of learning about baby Gum Drop:

I took the pregnancy test on February 16th.  My period was late but I really thought it was because I had just had a baby, I had started exercising a lot and I had started work again so I was a little stressed out.  Oh, and I had started taking my birth control pills on January 24th, just as my midwife had said.  (I did have one period after Gabby was born)  Apparently that one period was all my body needed to get pregnant again.  I had my 6 week post-baby check on January 19th.  The midwife said I had healed nicely and hubbs and I could be 'active' again.  The next day was the first time in about 8 weeks or so that hubbs and I were 'active' and would you believe it, that first time was when I got pregnant!  It never crossed my mind that I could be ovulating so we should be careful.  Anyway, I wanted to take the test so I could assure myself that I was not pregnant and that my period was late because of the reasons mentioned above.  

I went out on my lunch break to CVS, bought some cough drops for hubbs and a box of two tests.  I was not nervous at all buying or taking the tests because I thought there was no way  I was pregnant again.  I go back to work and use the bathroom there.  I didn't think I needed to wait until I got home because, duh, it would be negative.  Well, I did not need to wait the said 3 minutes, it wasn't even 3 seconds - as soon as my urine hit that stick those 2 lines appeared.  That's when it happened - I freaked out.  All my coworkers thought someone had died - that's how intense my reaction was.  It was body-paralyzing shock and freight followed by confusion.  I thought, for a second, maybe there were still hormones in my body from my pregnancy with Gabby that was making the test positive.  I called the nurse at May.Grant who popped that bubble real quick.  My coworkers were amazing - they immediately embraced me and prayed for me.  I am so lucky to work with such kind, Godly women.  I called my mom too - freaking out.  She helped to calm me and told me, "this is what God wants for you."  She is right!

I told Steven when I got home - I was crying hysterically because I was afraid and still very much in shock.  He just smiled =)  I could not believe his excitment - he always made it clear he only wanted 2 children and we were 100% done after Gabby.  He says, "think about my life 6 years ago, I never thought I would be married or have kids - now I am happily married with a 3rd baby on the way, how great is that?!"  He has been the voice of reason and calm the past week and a half.  When I get overwhelmed and start to worry he reassures me that everything is gong to be fine because we have each other!  He's so great =)

I went to the doctor on Monday and they confirmed the pregnancy and I got some blood work done.  Everyone got a good laugh out of our situation and the nurse told me she'd be praying for us.  The midwife calmed my fears about my body being able to handle another baby so soon.  She admitted that it will be difficult but she would not consider me high risk at this point.  I went back on Friday for an ultrasound where we got to see our little surprise!  I am 7 weeks today and Baby Gum Drop is due to arrive on October 16, 2010 - when his/her little sister will be just 10 months old!!  It looks like we're back to weekly belly posts for the next 32 weeks or so!
 I had to make this shirt for her - stores don't sell BIG sister shirts in size 0-3 months!


Kelly said...

Congrats! I can't even imagine! My prayers are with you!

Kelly said...

I LOVE my double stroller! This is my second one and I would recommend it to anyone!! :)