Thursday, August 29, 2013

get to know me #4 - word to the nerd bird!!!

well, I haven't done one of these for a few months so I thought it would be something fun and mindless since so many other things in my life right now are not fun or mindless...

[before I begin, a quick prayer request - I am taking one of our dogs, Abby, to the vet to be put to sleep tomorrow :(  very sad but is the right decision... please pray for comfort for our family, especially Steven, as Abby has been his dog since she was a very tiny puppy.]

okay - - now, off we go to the mindless facts about yours truly

- I have a 'thing' for punctuation and writing with lower case letters... believe me, I know better but it's fun to throw in a - - - or a ... or a [] once in a while :) :) :) 

- I don't like cheap crayons - I don't like the way they feel when you're coloring with them - I don't like the sound they make when you're coloring with them - and I especially don't like how they (98% of the time) break when I'm using them

- I've got a thing for magazines - InStyle, People Style Watch, People, Real Smiple, Better Homes & Garden, Sports Illustrated, US Weekly, Runner's World, etc.  [I only have a subscription to 4 of those listed, 2 of which were/are Christmas gifts] but once in a while I will treat myself to a US Weekly or some other fun magazine just because!!!

- I am totally guilty of using my bank card wayyyyyyyy too much... I even use it when I know I have cash... I really need to figure out a better system...

- I've been too lazy to edit pictures lately.  I am proud of a lot of the shots I get SOTC (straight out of the camera) but I know they could be so much better if I just took a little time to edit them... someday... maybe!

- I love investigative reporting shows like Dateline and 20/20 - I get picked on for it but that's a fun Friday night for me after the kids are asleep :)

- I have a horrible habit of letting the gas tank in my car hit E before I head to the gas station... some people never let their car hit half a tank... not this girl.

- I used to hate anything animal print - clothes, accessories, paper, balloons, pictures, you name it, if it was animal print I didn't like it - but recently I've been coming around to leopard print, thanks to this pic on pinterest!!!  
I now have a scarf very similar to this one, that I've worn with my green cardigan!  I just bought Gabby a leopard print top and I've been eyeing up some leopard print flats... my tastes, they are a-changin'

- if I were brave enough, I would totally get a half sleeve... this looks SO gorgeous...

- I am obsessed with spaghetti.  plain & simple spaghetti.  noodles & prego traditional sauce, that's it.  I think I could eat it every single night for dinner and I'd be a happy gal :)

- I make up weird sayings - my latest is "word to the nerd bird" and I have all of my kids saying it ;)  I also say, every time I leave to go somewhere, "peace in the middle skittle" :) :) :)

[no worries - a first day of school post will be coming soon - once I get the photos loaded and maybe edited.  We'll just say Gavin is loving "everything" about first grade (his words, not mine!) and he's been a champ about the long days... he's such a great kid!]
peace in the middle skittle... :)

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Anonymous said...

Fun post, Bug, but we have to talk about some of your disclosures.... like the half-sleeve......nonononononononononononononononononononononononononononono
And in case that isn't clear...NO!


Love yu biggerbestermostest!