Friday, November 8, 2013

bad blogger...

hello - my name is Kiley - I'm a 30 year old momma of 3 kids and I suck at blogging.

it's been a while, which makes it hard to decide where to start again.

let's see, since my last post...

- had 4 birthdays - my Aunt Connie turned 70, my mom turned 65, Gavin turned 7 and Gage turned 3 (something happened with my SD card and I can't access any of the photos from my mom's birthday weekend :( - - no worries though, I'm working on getting them back!!!)

- we participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's

- Gage had his first dentist appointment - and did an AWESOME job!!!

- oh yea, Gage was in a full arm cast for 2 weeks - again, he was AWESOME!!!

- Gabby Louise got her EARS PIERCED!!!

- I had to put one of our dogs down :(  so awful...

- lots of sick buggies around the house

- I did an Advocare 10 day cleanse

- had to find a new babysitter for the kids - with only one week's notice

- had Gavin's 1st grade parent/teacher conferences - stellar student :) (even mentioned how sweet, caring and helpful he is!!!)

- I got back into crafts & cross stitch

- the kids went on their first fishing excursion

- we went trick-or-treating with family :)

hope it won't be 2 months before I'm back again!!!

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mom/grammie said...'re amazing. Don't know how you get it all done....and now I know why we're always tired...LOTS going on!!! Don't forget about helping Shay with all her photog questions, and starting a group for your work, and a special wedding, and on & on & on...... BTW---LOVE the pics!!!!