Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Noodle & Blue

Being an aunt has always been a role I've loved...
I've had the privilege of knowing and loving my niece Shayna Louise and my nephew Lucas Samuel from the very moment they took their first breath.  Yes, I was in the delivery room and was able to witness and be a big part of their birthdays, which I am SO grateful for.
From the moment I held my beautiful newborn niece and nephew in my arms I knew we'd have a special relationship.  It's hard to believe my niece is quickly approaching 16 and my nephew is already 13 years old.  They have both faced their share of hardships, sadness and trials in their lives but I am very very proud of both of them.  I am SO thankful for these photographs and the thousands of special memories I've shared with my sweet Noodle and Blue :)
(believe me - I have thousands more photos that I wish I had time to scan & post... someday!)

back to school shopping on Sunday!!!

Blue - enjoy your last year in middle school - focus and give your very best!!!  Be kind to everyone you meet and have fun :) :) :)
Noodle - enjoy your last year in high school before your baby brother joins you ;)  give this year your ALL - make girlfriends a priority and have a blast :) :) :)

all my love to both of you!!!

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mom said...

This is beautiful, Kiley, and very special. Thank you for being the wonderful Aunt that you are to them!!!
love you biggerbestergreatermostest