Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June favorite things.

I haven't done a favorite things post in a while so I figured I'd finally do one while sitting here trying to get Miss Gabby to fall asleep... grrrrrrr, this chick is so stubborn!!!

June fav #1 - Geico's Camel Commercial - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

beyond hilarious - - and I love it even more because I collect camels!!!

June fav #2 - my tervis cups - they are pretty and they keep my water nice and cold!!!

June fav #3 - amazon.com - I found a replacement eye piece for my camera and my favorite book from my childhood - only spent $6, free shipping and I had them both within a few days!!!

 June fav #4 - Despicable Me 2 previews - - cannot wait to see this movie!!!  I am just so excited about it I couldn't resist putting it on my June favs :)

June fav #5 - pilot fine ballpoint pen - - these are the pens my Grammie always used and I love them now just as much as she and I both did back then.  They don't leave 'ink poops' when you write ;)  they are perfect!!!
and just because... here are some of my recent pinterest 'style' finds :)

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